An Excerpt: Cosmic Madness

Dear reader,  Hello. It has been precisely a month since I went on hiatus due to academic reasons. I shall probably do the same this month owing to preparation for entrance exams. I have, however, decided to post an excerpt from a story I'm writing and I would be very pleased to receive some critique from... Continue Reading →


The Science Effect

Good day, dear reader. I'm The Nerdy Snickerdoodle. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. If you've been ambiguously following my musings and posts up until this fated instant, you would have garnered that I'm a student. And being a student has to come first because learning new things everyday is a refreshing, albeit boring experience.... Continue Reading →

It’s A Brand New Year

Good morning, readers of the world! Thank you once again for stopping by to read my blog. It means a lot to me to have an audience, no matter how small and fractional, but nevertheless there to read the words I post on the Internet every few weeks or so. Most inconveniently, I do not... Continue Reading →

On Friends and Light #NerdTales

Good evening, readers. I profusely apologize for not having posted this long, but would you, if you had examinations three days a week covering the entire syllabus and as a  nerd, were expected to obtain distinctive grades in them? Perhaps you would, but I'm not that kind of person. I'm sorry. This lovely tale is... Continue Reading →

Computer Science Project

Good day, humans! Since I'm in the midst of exam season and I have oodles to do, I am officially and completely focused on development of my computer science project. I'm desperate, because, see, I have barely 10 days to complete 1000 lines of code which may not sound like much but ohoho, believe me,... Continue Reading →

Ramble: Examinations

Hey, guys! This is a new kind of post that I'd like to call a Ramble. And true to its name, there will be a lot of rambling, so keep up if you can! I'm at the business end of my half-yearly examinations right now; it's just Math left. For those of you who are... Continue Reading →

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