On Friends and Light #NerdTales

Good evening, readers. I profusely apologize for not having posted this long, but would you, if you had examinations three days a week covering the entire syllabus and as a ┬ánerd, were expected to obtain distinctive grades in them? Perhaps you would, but I'm not that kind of person. I'm sorry. This lovely tale is... Continue Reading →


Why Books are My Best Friends

Good evening, dear reader. Thank you once again for visiting this blog. I have no idea how you happened to come across it but I'm grateful that you have because it means people care. As the title of this post suggests, this post or article is going to give you some form of insight into... Continue Reading →

Midnight Memories

I sit at my computer, wondering what crazy post to share with the world next. And it strikes me- why not tell the global community how little moments can make life all the more sweeter and richer and more beautiful? A couple of weeks ago, our school had organized a trip to Chinmaya Ashram, as... Continue Reading →

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