Book Review : 1Q84

Good day, dear readers. I’m back with a fantabulous book review. I should probably now tell you that the reason that there haven’t been many book reviews lately is that I hadn’t read any new books in that timeframe. Ergo, the existence of this post signifies that there have been new books and I’m uber... Continue Reading →


What’s on My Reading List

Good day, world. The Nerdy Snickerdoodle is back with a total blast, on her stupendously short vacation. First up, excellent news. I graduated quite successfully from school and am now enrolled into one of the loveliest private universities in the state, mostly because I didn't get into my dream college, so there's that. Anyway, since... Continue Reading →

An Excerpt: Cosmic Madness

Dear reader,  Hello. It has been precisely a month since I went on hiatus due to academic reasons. I shall probably do the same this month owing to preparation for entrance exams. I have, however, decided to post an excerpt from a story I'm writing and I would be very pleased to receive some critique from... Continue Reading →

The Book of Tomorrow: Cecelia Ahern

Good evening, readers! I'm currently in the midst of my half-yearly examinations and I'd say they're going pretty smoothly, unless that's just the optimist in me talking. So today I shall review 'The Book of Tomorrow' by Cecelia Ahern, as you can see in the post title, unless you can't, in which case, I'm very... Continue Reading →

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