For many years I have struggled with finding my purpose in life. I didn’t know who I had the potential to be , what emotions were swirling about in that messed up noggin of mine and what exactly creamed my psychological outlook on life.

Today, I have a personality of my own.

I love languages. I enjoy deciphering odd and strange languages based on pattern and logic and my pre-existent knowledge of other significant tongues. I dislike Sudoku and I have a small aversion to numbers. Not a phobia, just an aversion.

I adore reading . My favourite genres happen to be fantasy, sci-fi of certain kinds and the occasional unadulterated YA. Dystopian fiction is a so-so; travelogues and non-fiction appeal to me in discrete and specific quantities ( and of a particular quality).

I dabble in the fields of poetry, writing, doodling, philosophical musing, editing my old videos to make less sense than they normally do, conducting abstract surveys, music and dance ( the last two being a mere interest  than a serious passion), also gastronomical critique-in fact any critique 😉 – , computers, gaming and cultural appreciation.

I love making people happy by helping them live up to their own high standards and through their own potential. I prefer to be not a leader but a Balancing Force, harmonically varying and mediator-ish.

I am a nerd. Ask anybody who, you believe, knows me. Regrettably that will be a futile exercise. I am also one of those people who believes in small random acts of kindness, strongly supports the eternal horoscopic alignment, believes in the healing power of books and chocolate/or crisps of any delicious kind, and who is genuinely off the rocker.

Thank you for taking time to read and follow my blog. Thank you to the 27 followers, the post-likers and the comments as well .You are all amazing, as are you, reader. You be that ray of cosmic fizz that is positive and charming and cool and radiant and simply fruity. Good luck and happy nerdship to you all!


The Nerdy Snickerdoodle




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