Midnight Memories #2

Dear reader, hello.

I hope your life is bright and filled with sunshine; can’t say the same about mine at this moment, but I hope at least 80% of the Universe is feeling content and peaceful, at one with the Cosmic Force.

Today’s Midnight Memories post is going to focus on nostalgic moments of childhood. I will be including pictures that are both mine and not mine, and those that are not mine would be taken from Google Images, therefore I would like to express my appreciation to the photographers who painstakingly took the time to capture moments and objects and emotion on screen.

  1. FOOD. Quite obviously this is an important instance of childhood and I want to present my favourite treats that we spent so little on…

In clockwise order from the upper left corner, we have:

  • Bytes: The standard light-as-air treat for us kids in India. Manufactured by Cadbury, they had this thin filo-type crust and came in adorable mini-pillow shapes, filled with chocolate, vanilla or coffee cream.
  • Tiny jellos: I think you still get them in the local ‘everyday’ store- at least in some of them. They used to be stacked in these huge plastic jars on the counter and it was so amazing when your mum would shell out two or three rupees to get you one of those slurpy shots. They were encased in these tiny plastic conical moulds and the cover had to be peeled off, much like yogurt containers today, and it often resulted in that top layer of liquid to attack your fingers. You had to have the experience required to suck off the top layer of juice before actually beginning to eat the jello.
  • Maaza: It’s a popular Indian juice brand and I know it’s still available in stores right now, but how many of you Indian folks remember the glass bottle version they sold in those same local ‘everyday’ stores ? Hot summer days would be quenched by a sip from that glass bottle- soft drinks were forbidden to me as a kid, and I know, I know, there’s a ton of germs on those bottles, and disease crawling all over them but this was a carefree , less hassled time.
  • Milk Treat: Awesome white chocolate wafer. Delumptious, truly blissful and ideal for road trips. Uncles and aunts sometimes got one for us and we’d be so happy.
  • Diptrix: A bit pricey for that time, but comparatively cheap when you looked at, say, Pringles or Lindt-not that there was Lindt in Indian stores. This was the ideal biscuit dip- the cool skateboarding rabbit on the front didn’t make it less cooler 😉

I would have loved to mention those long packets of chocolate which you could suck out- a godsend for days when I had to get shots- but I just can’t seem to remember what they were called. Also, big shoutout to Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Hippo(why did you go…), Cheetos- still on air, all this- as well as ice candy, cheese balls, Bourbon biscuits and Hide & Seek. Toffees like Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs, Melody, Polo and Poppins deserve special mention.

2. Collectible Cards

I used to find these Pokemon cards and Beyblade tazos in my Cheetos packets all the freaking time. I made stockpiles of them when I was a kid…sadly I only managed to salvage one. Here’s a picture:


Morphing card! Whoo. Best day ever.

3. Family outings:

I used to love going out with my family- occasionally. Most times I preferred to read or play with my toys. These pictures stem from a more recent childhood, yet they still convey so much of meaning to me.


The above picture is a stirring stick. It’s pretty cool. You can start a stirring stick fight in a cafe without drawing too much attention. Actually, there will be enough attention but I think one should just ignore it.

I remember hot days in the cold waters of amusement parks, going down my first tall slide (I hated it- fear of heights) and playing in the bouncy house. Bounce. Bounce. Eventually I think I just outgrew it.

4. Television Shows

Wow, this was probably as much a part of my life as reading and writing. TV back then was beautiful. It was rich, educational and simply spewing positivity. My fave shows would definitely include these:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are a lot more but I’m limiting myself to this lot for now. Beautiful. Just makes me want to fall into nostalgia and wallow there like a hippopotamus.

5. Books

Most importantly, the main function of my childhood, in my opinion ,was to help me build a good vocabulary. I was the shy kid, the slightly less sociable bookworm and fact is, books were my best friends. Link to post: Why Books are My Best Friends

So these were my favourite: (quick list, will update with pictures soon)

  • The Disney Book of Fairytales ( Don’t remember what it’s called precisely, but it was Disney and there were fairytales)
  • The Molly Moon Series by Georgia Byng
  • Enid Blyton : Malory Towers, St. Clare’s, the O’Clock Tales, The Wishing Chair, The Magic Faraway Tree, the Mystery series, and so on.
  • R. L. Stine : The Goosebumps Series, Rotten School
  • Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, The Time Machine by HG Wells, Pollyanna by Eleanor H Porter, Anne of Green Gables by L.M Montgomery, Oliver Twist and David Copperfield by Charles Dickens, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by R.L Stevenson, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain,Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge, and there’s this one I can’t really remember and it’s driving me crazy. It was such a beautiful book…Frankly The Time Machine scared the living daylights out of 10 year old me.
  • Any Roald Dahl book for children. My personal literary favourites of his would have had to be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Witches and Matilda.
  • Two of my favourite Lewis books: Through the Looking Glass as well as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, and The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis.

I believe that’s it for now. Thank you very much for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it. Keep shining, reader, that your light may become a beacon to this world.


The Nerdy Snickerdoodle

P.S I really should get myself a fancy signature.



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