An Excerpt: Cosmic Madness

Dear reader, 


It has been precisely a month since I went on hiatus due to academic reasons. I shall probably do the same this month owing to preparation for entrance exams. I have, however, decided to post an excerpt from a story I’m writing and I would be very pleased to receive some critique from you.

Here goes *fingers crossed*

The gong from the old monastery reverberated through the small living room, sending a jolt of panic through her. It was time; after years of never knowing what lay beyond that door, days spent within the confines of the familiar and secure corridors, hours passed behind blinds and shutters, in tunnels and attics and basements, finally that moment had come. That very moment when she would discover something she had never dreamed of-not in the smallest, most sincere hopes and dreams that flitted through her mind, like instances of a possibility.

She took a deep breath to calm her hands- they were shivering like they were possessed by a phantasmatic force. All was quiet except for the last unearthly echo of the gong. Tentative steps she took, one by one , closer and closer to the door as she willed herself into composure, commanded her nerves to get a grip and set themselves as wrought iron.

“You’re ready, Sierra” she told herself. ” Just a little further and you’ll be there. Remember all those books you read about the mystical worlds and the inventions and discoveries and all that…freedom?”

Ten more steps.

“And all those hours spent practicing and practicing…until you felt your mind could take no more? ”

Five to go. It’s so close…

“And how you begged and begged to be let out? To be able to see the world? All that you did to make sure that they trusted you enough to leave you alone, no matter how hurt it made you? Hope it’s worth it. It had better be worth it.”

The last phrase spoken aloud seemed to imbibe her with a sort of courage. She wrenched the door open and gasped as a cold breeze smacked her full on in the face. Her fingers barely registered thought as the grabbed at air and found the door for support.

Her feet crossed the threshold. Her hand left the door behind.


All rights reserved. This work is not to be reproduced in any form without prior consent from the author. Those who violate the terms of intellectual property will be severely dealt with. ©

So that was it! Thank you for reading. Do tell me what you thought of it, I’d be  so happy to hear from you!

Yours fabulously

The Nerdy Snickerdoodle



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