The Science Effect

Good day, dear reader. I’m The Nerdy Snickerdoodle. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. If you’ve been ambiguously following my musings and posts up until this fated instant, you would have garnered that I’m a student. And being a student has to come first because learning new things everyday is a refreshing, albeit boring experience.

The Science Effect is what I plan to use to describe the influence that my choices have had on me. When I first reached this oh-so – crucial stage in my life where I had to make the decision that would decide my career prospects, I had no intention of even entering the vicinity of science. I loathed Mathematics. I was cold towards Physics and Chemistry, not brutally so, but enough that I didn’t really see a future with the three of us in the same picture. To be quite honest, I didn’t actually hate these subjects per se, but I was indifferent towards them. I had, in tenth grade, firmly resolved to never take the Science Stream.

When I was about to enter Grade 11, I was faced with the monstrous decision of having to choose the stream I’d row my canoe through. Instantly I felt Humanities would be the best option. I mean, for a bookworm, how could you reject the offer of Sociology, Psychology and Mass Media? Hmm? Unfortunately for me, it was not to be. Schools here weren’t very supportive of the whole Humanities business back then. So I considered the next best option- Commerce. Aside from the fact that it would perhaps be slightly easier than Science, I saw no pros to it. And I would be expected to do Accounting or Finance or Business as my primary degree which wasn’t something I looked forward to at all.

So I chose the stream of Engineering. Biology, I’d garnered, was not my cup of tea. It was my cup of coffee, and I quite strongly dislike coffee. Why did I commit what I had once termed ‘psychological and social suicide’ and made this decision, you think. Well, in all retrospect, I think I just wanted a challenge. A chance to prove myself, to see if I could achieve in such a competitive environment. I had felt the Commerce stream would be a bit less suited for scientific aptitude, which my parents claimed I had. I believed that having Physics and Chemistry would intersperse my boring numerical-filled life with a bit of theory. I was right. 😉

Besides, there was the prospect of Computer Science to look forward to. In the two years preceding my entry into Engineering, I had very little exposure to formal CS training. The last thing I remembered would have been HTML in 8th grade and QBasic in 7th. *shrugs theatrically* It would be an even playing field for everyone.

–cut to today–

Today I stand on the precipice of the transition stage. two years of grueling hard work, sleepless nights, terse revision sessions, special classes, extra classes, preparatory classes a.k.a bridge classes, English and air-conditioned CS …I can safely claim to have developed the following skills: Scientific reasoning, argumentative power (which I still use in logical debates over illogical scenarios with my friends from time to time) , time management, rapid writing (thank you, Chemistry teacher of 11th grade -lucky I didn’t break my wrist) , rapid typing (the things coding does to you), curiosity, open-mindedness, lab skills ( set aside acid burns and hot beakers), being careful. Mind you, all this from the academic perspective. Socially I learnt much more.

Aside from my slightly above average grades in most subjects, I discovered I have an aptitude for CS. Which is why I hope to combine my passion of language and lit with this aptitude next year and thrive in the heart of the Computational Linguistics  course at university. Hopefully. That would also be an excellent time for me to begin my novel.

Right now, though ,I must bid thee adieu. Our final exams are upon us, and then some. The entrance examination terror that will besiege the country soon enough. The Science Effect, as laboriously described in the above few paragraphs, has driven me to self-motivation. Sometimes I need just a touch more faith in myself.

Thank you for being there for me and supporting my blog. I shall return, never fear. 😀


The Nerdy Snickerdoodle.


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