On Games and Glory

Good day, dear reader. My revision exams are over, for now, at least, and I must focus on the impending horror of my practical examinations, the real deal, so to speak.

Now the thing is: my school has organized a trip to a local hillstation for about two and a half days, and my friends up and dusted at this chance. I, due to various reasons, was unable to participate in the revelry and have been sulking (in a completely ‘-ish’ manner). And then I decided to work on my gaming for a while. So I downloaded this on our tablet- VainGlory.

Being a stoic Heroes of Order and Chaos player for the past three years or so, I had my doubts about this particular game. Why, you might ask, if you’re the curious type.

  1. This is a MOBA. A Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, just like HOC. And the objective? Destroy the opposition’s Vain Crystal. HOC is basically the same, although you have some form of tower that you have to destroy. Not a mythical crystal, a giant tower-like man-made structure which also shoots lasers at you.
  2. There are more heroes in HOC. More villainous creatures as well. You get slightly more variety in your characters, although the female ones are just waaay too promiscuous which I find disgusting and sexist.
  3. HOC is older than VainGlory. So I was worried that it was going to be a ripoff and wouldn’t live up to the hype it was causing, ‘specially among my classmates who were, for some reason, enthralled by it. This prevented me from downloading it for about a year.

However, now since I’m bored to the core and need to have at least a bit of fun, I decided to try the game out. Need I say how excellent it was? Yes. Yes, I need to.

  1. The gameplay is EXCELLENT. Literally glitch-free movement, and excellent attack attributes.
  2. Less promiscuous female characters. I know, I’m putting too fine a point on it here, but this is very important to me. They’re at least properly dressed for battle. You have characters like Joule and Skye who are mechanics or pilots. They have this gritty tough look about them that really speaks “Girl Power”. Also, Celeste kinda resembles Princess Leia.
  3. Item combination. If you’ve played VainGlory you would have seen that when you purchase items in the shop there is infinite possibility of combination and stacking, or upgrading your items to better quality ones.
  4. Mostly free. Literally 80% of the stuff in HOC is money money money. You need rare cards or rare skins or gems – dish out the green. You need hi-fi abilities or potions or exotic weapons or awesome heroes, you gotta pay to play, kiddo.
  5. Levelling up. Never been this easy.

Anyway, it’s a really amazing game and I’m not promoting it because I’ll get money for it. I do think HOC has excellent potential to succeed as a fantabs MOBA but right now I think VainGlory is crushing it, despite its lack of hero choice and guild logos and stuff. I’m not in a guild personally but I am just waiting for a capable team.

Whoop. Here’s to some happy gaming on my study break.


The Nerdy Snickerdoodle

PS I will post pics of the arena later.



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