It’s A Brand New Year

Good morning, readers of the world! Thank you once again for stopping by to read my blog. It means a lot to me to have an audience, no matter how small and fractional, but nevertheless there to read the words I post on the Internet every few weeks or so. Most inconveniently, I do not post regularly, but that’s the beauty of it, I suppose. It’s almost like waiting for that package- you never know when it’s going to roll up to your front door in the hands of the mailman. 😀 And that is an excellent excuse for the irregular posting, of course being a perfectly untrue reason.

The new year has set upon us. And with the new year, there’s about a thousand expectations, hopes, wishes and resolutions. Of course there would be resolutions, you say. There’s never an advent of a new era without them.

“I’m going to spend eighteen hours a day studying,”says the overexerted student with dreams of getting into a prestigious college with a ‘tag’.

“I’m going to build on my relationships. I’m gonna do whatever it takes to make my other half/parents/friends/ teachers/coworkers/boss happy, and there will be no digression from me this year.” exclaims the amateur, still full from Christmas spirit(literally and / or metaphorically).


You, my friend, are setting unreasonable goals for yourself, I tell them. You’re bound to come off a temper tantrum one of these days, and throw your orange juice in the face of whichever balloon decided to annoy you. Or you’re bound to oversleep, get caught up in family engagements, fall into depression and a million other possibilities.  My dear human, just chillax. The world is not going to end  if some misfortune causes you to accidentally NOT  do whatever it is you were so intent on doing.

I’m not a psychologist. I don’t know about human behaviour or the weirdness of life. I’m still in school, for crying out loud. Therefore I’m not certifiably qualified to give out advice. But from experience thus far, one would perhaps fare much better in life if they focused on giving their best in that particular moment. And did it every three or four moments. Or ten, if that suits them.

Anyway, in lieu of giving my best, I ‘m going to wish you all a happy 2017, good luck with life and presumably I’m off to study. I’ll be posting a more festive article later this week. Thank you and adieu.

*Bows out*


The Nerdy Snickerdoodle


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  1. You have some serious talent.You should try your best to become a writer wish you a fantastic year ahead. 🙂


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