On Friends and Light #NerdTales

Good evening, readers. I profusely apologize for not having posted this long, but would you, if you had examinations three days a week covering the entire syllabus and as a  nerd, were expected to obtain distinctive grades in them? Perhaps you would, but I’m not that kind of person. I’m sorry.

This lovely tale is a continuation of my previous post, namely

On Friends and Darkness#NerdTales

And if you need a brief synopsis of that was about , it’s basically me existing as an introverted preteen and finally coming into my own in a group of girls who were so different from me yet were held together by a bond stronger than carbon fibre.

This post is going to focus on the people that have made a positive impact in my life. I am really quite grateful to them and happy that they have been around.

At the top of my list, I would without any smidgen of doubt give a place of honour to my parents. However that will be discussed in detail in a different post. For now all I have to say is that I love them and respect them, though it may not be plain to see on most days.

As for friends, well, there’s a list of people whom I have considered ‘friends’ over the years,  some of them being exactly the opposite. They were either around to suck off some brain juice, or suck up to some teacher by being in the same social circle as the ‘nerd’, or because I was different, so to speak.  There are notable exceptions to this category:(Anonymity for privacy reasons)

  • A girl who shared my name. We were thick friends in first grade, we made up clubs and imaginary games. She was the first person I could remember calling my best friend, along with this other funny little girl in our class, let’s call her Nia. I even used to imagine the three of us as superheroes off to save the world.
  • A girl who had the same imaginative capacity as I did and watched English movies. Let’s call her Starfire(like in the Teen Titans, but way smarter, way cooler). Back in the day,  we were in fourth grade and most of our classmates hadn’t watched or read Roald Dahl. We had so much fun, with our Fairyland and pretending to be evil sisters, cowgirls, space rangers. She moved to the UK later.
  • My gang of girls, at least at first. We were a completely formed group by eighth grade once I had transferred schools, and we confided in each other a lot. We developed a code language replete with signs and symbols. We planned pranks that went despicably wrong, wrote songs that were ghastly, belted out tunes to the latest pop symphonies and shared my mum’s pasta. Those were the days of carefree teen spirit, freedom from the burden of exams, lessons, coaching classes, tuition…we knew who we wanted to be and pursued our passions freely.
  • My current gang. They are the most unlikely group of people you would ever think would come together . You have , more or less, a few nerds and a few non-nerds, new kids and old kids,most of them Potterheads, to use the term. About 95% of the group is somehow involved in anime, manga and/or video games, the first two being something I have never come close to and never plan on. All of us love reading, discussing the finer and more philosophical aspects of life ( at least some part of us does, who knows) and then topping off the gigantic Brownie with some unconventional humor, depending on the occasion and context. And puns, We must not forget puns, it’s a cardinal sin.

The last group, I should now mention, is one which, on entering, I felt like I belonged. And it’s not something that had already existed and one had to attain membership status, pass initiation and sign a declaration of confidentiality. That was the best part. It just happened. 🙂 And while 11th grade showed me that there are people like me in this world, more than I had ever thought possible, given my limited social circles as a kid, 12th grade showed that the same people are infinitely different from you. This year brought out all the differences in us. It’s helped me understand them a bit better, I suppose.

This year has been a year in which my preconceptions of people have been broken. The stereotypical cool kids are actually more down-to-earth than one may think. The nerds, though they seem to be sullen and shell-enclosed, are highly competitive. The craziest and most fun people break the easiest. The dark may turn into a glowing beacon; the bright-eyed may sink into swampy depths.

All in all, these are the years when at least your primary friendships are forged. I don’t know what college will bring , but I am pretty sure that these aforementioned people will be in my good books, up until the part where stuff turns murky and changes. Those pages will be ripped out and forgotten, for the greater good.

I hope your year was lovely, readers. And if not, don’t worry. I predict a great year ahead. There will be so much to explore and create and innovate, so much to see, so many people to meet, more tea to drink, more gossip to catch up on, more games to play, more books to read, more time to do what you love and to live. I wish all of you a belated Merry Christmas, if you celebrate it, and to the global nation, a very happy end to this strange and exhausting year.

(To a whizzbanging 2017! )

Sonna Rele’s ‘Strong’- Music for the Soul


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