Questions about Life and Everything

I have been in the middle of a slightly dark phase. It’s mostly been concerned with college and applications and the distant future. Anyway, I’d been seriously considering doing a Literature degree and sidetracking to who knows what in the near future. Of late though, I have come to the conclusion that a degree in English, whilst looking very attractive and having “multiple transferable employment skills” will not do much to bring the income in. And without income I won’t be able to buy books.

Therefore, I have decided it is in my best interest to do a Bachelors in Computer Science for three years, and when I finally get a chance to go abroad, I will enquire about prospective Linguistics programs , thus making progress as a researcher in Computational Linguistics. Or Applied/ Experimental Linguistics. Can’t really be sure though. I might become one of ’em forensic linguists or UN ambassadors.

Anyway, what’re your plans for college, dear people, and if you’ve graduated- what degree did you do and what was your experience?

PS If you think I’m inadequately prepared to enter the uncertain field of languages, I’m trilingual and am considering participating in the Panini Linguistics Olympiad next year (hopefully get selected for the IOL)


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