Good day, readers. It’s been a while since I was last active on the Internet. A thousand apologies, if you will, but I was preoccupied with the more mundane things in life such as examinations. Okay, more important than mundane;I stand corrected. Also, a mosquito is hovering precariously over my left arm and not landing, which I feel completely is beside the point of a mosquito- she’s either gaga on sweet blood or just very disoriented. Either way, it’s annoying.

To the topic, curses. I don’t mean the ‘Avada Kedavra’ or the ‘Thousand Hexes on your Near and Dear’ type. I mean the real deal, the ones we hear on a semi-frequent basis in the world today. The f-word, the s-word, the b-word…literally all the letters of the alphabet lined up. I wonder if the general population has invented a curse which begins with ‘x’ or ‘z’.

My stance on swear-words is very strong. I am completely against the use of them, although there are the occasional spells when I just can’t take it and keep muttering to myself or go slightly ballistic in private. Usually, what I do is this: (Wait for it)

I replace the word in question with a made-up word or a completely unrelated combination of ordinary words.

Case point- the f-word becomes ‘flying flop’,’frick’,’flop’ or ‘fladoodle’, depending on the context. The one which begins with a synonym for ‘donkey’ and ends with something related to a cavity, that I call ‘arrondissement’ (pardon my crude usage of French. I mean no offence, my dear French-speaking readers, it’s just a nervous habit) or its German counterpart ‘arschloch’ . The curious thing is, I don’t really mind swearing if it’s in a language I’m not fluent in. That way I feel mulled remorse and not the full guilt-train that threatens to crush me if I just use regular English.

It’s very hard to be a no-nonsense person with an anti-swearing stance in this messed up world where you cannot go five steps without meeting someone with a sailor’s mouth. I used to cringe and make all sorts of weird angry expressions if I ever heard somebody swear but thanks to my new and improved brain filter ( which earlier was the reason for the cringing), I can tolerate minimal streams of swearing. Not torrents. Small gushes perhaps. Brooks. Springs. Controlled levels, essentially.


There is a time and place for everything. There are also alternative ways to do anything. Instead of expressing your frustration or disapproval by abusing or insulting somebody , I suggest you go shout at a pillow. It doesn’t hurt the pillow and you get to vent.

Would you perhaps think that children must be steered away from such a rude scenario? Well, they’ll find out eventually. There’s TV, there’s books, movies, and the good old World Wide Web in all its uncensored glory. Just make it clear to them that it’s not respectful and should never be used as an insult to anybody. Have a little tact about you, dear reader. Do you really want the future generation to be nothing but vehement banshee fever waltzing around spitting out impurities and reflecting what clearly is a disturbed emotional and mental environment?

I believe people with a shortage of vocabulary, no respect for the people that surround them, and dark chaos within them are those that tend to swear most inappropriately, at the most inappropriate time and in the most inappropriate place. My opinion. Listen without judging, yes? 🙂

I conclude this particular post wishing all my global readers a truly exciting Halloween, and my own, more familiar countryfolk, a very illuminated Diwali.

Signing off,

The Nerdy Snickerdoodle

PS Comments will be most appreciated.


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