Why Books are My Best Friends

Good evening, dear reader. Thank you once again for visiting this blog. I have no idea how you happened to come across it but I’m grateful that you have because it means people care.

As the title of this post suggests, this post or article is going to give you some form of insight into why most of my best friends happen to be books. Now don’t get me wrong, I socialize with people too and can safely call at least one of them my friend. But as you know, people are highly unpredictable. Literally, their reaction rate and equilibrium conditions depend on Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. I mean, if you can accurately determine what a person is thinking, you will have nada knowledge about how they will act. And vice versa. It’s science.


So with the unpredictability of the average living friend tending to infinity, I have always found literature to be a suitable substitute. Not a replacement, a substitute. There’s a difference, you see. Enclosed forthwith would be my list on why this is so:

  • Books don’t judge you. You can literally pour your heart into a book by reading it and crying/laughing/having philosophical conversations with it if it really resonates with you.

  • They can take you to places that are far away from the world we know. In fact, the real world, in my opinion, is more fake and fantastical than the world in books. #Hogwartsismyhome

  • Some books have this tendency to make you curious and fascinated with the world around you. For example, What If? by Randall Munroe and Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder.

  • They empower you to be somebody you have always wanted to be. For instance, I am deeply enthralled by the character of Tessa Gray from Cassandra Clare’s The Infernal Devices. She is wise and thoughtful, a bibliophile like me, curious and contemplative, but she has flaws. She’s not perfect.

    ( Also, this series takes you back to a time when people were more formal, more courteous, more…interesting, I’d suppose. 16th century England, maybe.)

  • Books make me happy. It is because of them that I am the person I am now. I have a splendiferous vocabulary and a fantastic imagination- though how I made it this vivid and disturbing is a mystery- and I can hold an intellectual conversation with people without making it seem like I’m an ignoramus/klutz.

There are probably a few more reasons, such as- I’m an introvert and a self-proclaimed nerd, I enjoy studying language, I have friends who love books as much as I do therefore it stands to reason more reading is required- but these were currently the ones I could think of.

I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for all the people who visit this blog and read my posts, frequently or once in a while. Special mention goes to the following who have expressed continual interest in this blog and previous ones as well-

Jemima from Chit of Acerbic Wit , ilovemusic18, Ramona Crisstea from RamonaCrisstea, Pernnile Oberg from Wanderlust: Becoming a Traveler

– and I really recommend that you read their blogs as well. There are many other great and amazing yet highly underappreciated people on the virtual plane as well as all across the globe that have not been mentioned. To you, I say-thank you very much for existing. The universe needs you. Use your potential for the good of humanity and make others smile. And spread the gratitude. 🙂

All in all, I would like you to tell me if there are any books I could possibly review or challenges I should take up. It would be interesting to hear another person’s opinion for a change. Have a brilliant day, reader.


The Nerdy Snickerdoodle

PS The featured image is a shelfie.


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