On Friends and Darkness#NerdTales

Good day, readers. Let me jump straight into the theme of today’s positively crazy ramble and make it a bit of a rant, yes?

For a majority of my formative education, I was a complete introvert, a bit of a recluse to the point where I had maybe one or two best friends at a time, nothing more. I didn’t really do very well in groups; I found most people irritating, stereotypical, conformist, or some whacky combination of the three. I’m not sure if that was healthy personality development for a growing child, but it did teach me something: that I can be myself by myself, without having to rely on others.

Thankfully, I had a wild imagination and strong bibliophilic tendencies. I would make the school library my hideaway during the one hour we got in the evenings between regular school and playtime(something I occasionally participated in, but not a lot). I made friends solely by constructing imaginary worlds and making up crazy fantastical games involving fairies, crazy maniac sisters, cowgirls, space cadets, evil magicians and whatnot, and dragging them into it. I was lucky to have a best friend who shared in my creative escapades and had pretty much the same stuff in her head as I did.

As years passed and I transformed from little kid with the pen and story-filled diaries to the preteen with a bookworm complex and disinclination to socialize, it became clear to other people that aside from being a very good resource during examinations, I wasn’t somebody to be talked to. Especially since, after changing schools, I realized that my new class was structured based on the same old conformist cliques. Alliteration. Kewl.

Now, the thing is, I found my first real Girl Squad at around this time. We had nothing in common, save a few minor favourites (Barbie,perhaps, or animated movies. Mainly Barbie. 😉 ) Call us crazy for enjoying a bit of pink and girl power at this stage of our lives but it was great not being involved in some of the less pleasing scenarios other people got up to at that age. Either way, four of us, sometimes five, talking about random stuff, putting up with each other’s sob stories and melodrama, composing songs in praise of clouds and odes to travelling… it was a good time, until the cracks began to form, spreading deeper and deeper , coalescing into fissures and poof. Something was lost. Our Squad was there still, but it felt…different, somehow. We’d grown up. We were in our mid-teens by then, and we thought differently. What united us once in childhood sought to do the same again, but… weak links brought it down.

Anyhoo, long story short, we’re still our little circle but we’re miles apart. We can’t hope to see each other as frequently any more, but…I suppose life has a way of making us closer the furhter we get from each other, yes? I’d like to know your opinion. I shall continue with this sob story (which you are reading now for some unfathomsble reason ,what is wrong with you, my dear human, have you no life) later. Toodleoodles.

-The Nerdy Snickerdoodle

PS I would really appreciate it if you commented and told me of your views on the whole situation, and if you, perhaps, have undergone somewhat similar, if not the same, experiences.


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