November is for Writing

A big hello and a good evening to you, dear reader. I'm back and I'm on vacation, and that means I will try to write more. Speaking of writing, NaNoWriMo has hit the writing community. Yes, National Novel Writing Month, the one push that every writer needs every year to prompt them to break through... Continue Reading →


A Headful of Thoughts, A Handful of Stars

A Headful of Thoughts, A Handful of Stars Let me be, strange wanderer, ask me not Questions that riddle my already burdened thoughts. Keep away, show no pity, restrain the benevolent hand From grasping these shoulders and making me stand On my feet, by myself, alone- and yet lonely... Two dimensions are these, though you... Continue Reading →


The gold-brown granules part ways as the bare foot sinks in their midst. The sharp, swift-cutting echo breaks the silence, just like the hiker's stiff leather boot presses down on the discarded twig. The muffled tread of the dark-dwellers thuds in almost unheard thumps on the rooftops stained by chimney-smoke and rainwater. The somewhat downtrodden... Continue Reading →

She Is ( Just a Child)

She is a little girl playing football with the boys on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. She is a child playing 'house' with her cousins in the garden behind her house. She is an eight year old, donning her mother's apron that smells of cookies and roast and the love of family, as she... Continue Reading →

Why Food Inspires Me

Good evening, dear reader. Has it been a magical day for you? I do hope it has, because it is essential that you feel its positive vibes coursing through your veins and flooding them with swirls of rainbow, sand and surf. If not, I sympathize. Not all days turn out utopian. Have some chocolate, preferably... Continue Reading →


Top of the evening to you, dear reader. I do hope your day has been a particularly pleasant one and I wish the same occurs in the days to come, albeit with a bit of a challenge to them, for who would care to live a life only populated by pleasures? On that existential note,... Continue Reading →

Book Review : 1Q84

Good day, dear readers. I’m back with a fantabulous book review. I should probably now tell you that the reason that there haven’t been many book reviews lately is that I hadn’t read any new books in that timeframe. Ergo, the existence of this post signifies that there have been new books and I’m uber... Continue Reading →

Ramble : Being A Child is a Privilege

Top of the morning to you, dear reader! The Nerdy Snickerdoodle is back with some interesting thoughts she's been having in recent times, especially since she started college. She realizes it's been a while since the last post and she has promised a good book review, but due to constraints such as time and examinations,... Continue Reading →

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